Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the resistance is here

He has been shaped not to hear you.
Don’t let your words ran like blood down to his shoes,
Gather your skirt and stories,
Raise up the youth and tie him close to your breast.
And begin to walk Sauda

The way you did on those interlocking hot red bricks of Noordbrug
Past the well kept rugby fields,
But this time your spirit will not fail you.

Walk Sauda, run if you must!
And when you arrive at that shaded place of trees outside the city,
Begin to thump your heel with a dance,
Thunder the ground with the consistency of a production line machine.
That sound you know too well
That filled a large building
Now sitting empty in the county of wellington.

Dance Sauda!
Dance till the suburban blinds and pulled back up.
And your father’s mother’s memory returns!
Dance and loosen the handshakes made in the dark Bretton Woods of New Hampshire!

Sauda, your heart is waning with the felt demand of resistance,
But from here on my doorstep, I can see the signal dust rising.
With hope in my tears
And my hands clasped above my head,
I quietly insist, Sauda,

For those that boarded a bus this morning at the Waterloo Town Square
For the Movement Defense Committee, the Toronto Community Mobilization, KW People's Summit, and the Toronto People's Summit

For the undying demand that "Canada" sign and implement the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

and for Migrant Rights.

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