Tuesday, October 5, 2010

red, insatiate

Should we not now be emerging
From that merciful sustaining fog
That allowed us enough sagacity
to bring jerry cans and cooking pots to the pump
To care for toddlers.
To vote.
To rush about and build this our Land and Nation.
To roll out the red cloth for the dignitaries
with arms full of capital investments.

For when the rooster called out that
the night had walked away and day had come to this village.
There were tasks that had to be done.
It was 1957, it was 1963,
The dark had been long, and it was good to be standing.
Dashing about, fighting, churching
and sleepwalking to keep this village running.

But now we are awaking,
One by one, group by group
We are emerging to the pounding shriek,
There has been a rape!

Intruder in our village,
Moved through windy dark air
Ravaged, Stole, Stabbed.
Took stories from the chests of dreaming children,
Placed Jerry cans in the grip of sleeping mothers,

We are awaking,
Rising and falling,
Harrowing wails,
Steadily fastened hands and souls,
Pouring red

1 comment:

  1. Very moving Fanis. I felt hope and horror. Two deep emotions to arouse.