Friday, December 3, 2010

a drawing of a woman facing the light

Woman facing the light
I have not given you all that you are due,
I have gruffly pulled you out of my chest and smeared you onto newsprint
The dishes on my counter are starting to smell funny
The baby will be up from his nap
And whatever it takes, I swear there will be delicious chicken Alfredo and broccoli to feast on tonight,
I will light a candle and buy some white wine, and make desert in the toaster oven because the oven is
Toast and because my patient husband has patiently borne one too many scrap and leftover dinners
For most of the week.

Woman facing the light
I have not given you all that you are due
Frankly because I don’t know how, I have never been one to tame and refine skill.
I just wanted you here quickly, like an impatient toddler waiting
To be loved and nursed and released back to her business

Woman facing the light
I feel like in your far away home,
That lives deep in the earthy core of my center
God is a lovely lady
That is dignified and strong and picks up our scattered prayers
And breaks down when the babies are crying
Perhaps even wears an intense expression
Like this Woman facing the light.


  1. Woah! Powerful! I enjoy how different pieces of your art plays off one another. Does the drawing inspire the writing? Does the writing inspire the drawing? A bit of both? I'd love to talk to you more about this. I feel like my photography and song writing are very disconnected, but I would like them to be more connected somehow.

  2. thanks Sarah, hmmm....I never actually thought about it before but that's an interesting question...i think probably really intertwined but in cases where I'm doing both, probably drawing first, i think. And I'm always up for good art conversations.... photography and songwriting sounds like a wonderful marriage!